Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The CALA Conferences always uphold the highest standards of publication ethics and always act fully against publication malpractices. This CALA Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement is based on the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The CALA Conferences always act ethically with regards to publications, and reject all plagiarism, preserve confidentiality of submitted work, fully guard copyright issues of all published material, publish only original material, and fully support the publication process. Here, all articles submitted to The CALA conference proceedings are peer-reviewed. English language is a condition for all submitted abstracts and content in papers, with the exception of necessary data in other languages and forms.

Editor Standards

• Predicated on suggestions by both the review report and the editorial board, the Editor can accept, reject, or request modifications to any manuscript.
• The Editor can reject work without review if the Editor deems the quality insufficient for CALA required standards, or if the content violates ethical requirements, such as plagiarism, fraud, conflicts of interest, bias, or slander.
• The Editor ensures that manuscripts are reviewed for their intellectual content without regard to sex, gender, race, religion, citizenship, and so forth, of authors.
• The Editor ensures that information regarding manuscripts is kept confidential.
• The Editor will not use submitted manuscripts for the benefit of the Editor without author written consent.

Author Standards

• Authors must account for their original research, and must objectively discuss its significance.
• Authors must ensure that they have written entirely original work.
• Authors will not submit the same manuscript, or will not publish identically on the same research data, to more than one conference proceedings.
• Authors will acknowledge all sources used and will cite all appropriate publications.
• Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the study, either as the main author, or as co-author.
• All authors will have have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the manuscript.
• Authors should be prepared to provide raw data related to their manuscript for editorial review, and must retain such data for a period of five years after the publication.
• Sources of financial support must be clearly disclosed.
• If authors discover a significant inaccuracy in the manuscript, the authors must immediately act to remedy this through discussions with the Editor.

Reviewers Standards

• Information regarding manuscripts submitted is confidential and privileged information.
• Manuscript reviewers will ensure that authors acknowledge all data sources. Any similarity or overlap between the manuscript and other publications will be immediately brought to the attention of the Editor.
• The review of submitted manuscripts is objective, where all CALA reviewers should support their recommendations with concrete arguments.

Peer Review Policy: